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The Short Bus

It's a short bus. Yellow like the rest, but obviously used for the "special kids". You walked out the front of the school moments before to find the short bus already waiting for you. Now you have just stepped up to the folding doors and they open mechanically to let you in. As you take the first step up, you recall briefly how you got here, and step back to this time yesterday.

You were called out of your classroom to meet with the school counselor. You had been selected to take a test to see if you were qualified for a new program called TAG. You met with a woman with horned-rim glasses who asked you a series of questions. Some were kind of strange, but most asked you do some kind of math, logic, or memory problem. Some were hard, most were kind of easy. But the next morning, your teacher handed you a folded paper that congratulated you on qualifying for the program, and to report to the front of the school to be transported to your new class. You will meet there for half a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the rest of the school year. 

You step up into the short bus and are greeted by a large man with a wire-brush mustache who invites you to step to the back of the bus. As you walk to the back of the bus, you are suddenly aware that the bus seems a great deal longer on the inside than on the outside. At least 3 times the length you were expecting. You look back to the driver, who waves to you to continue on. 

"When you get to the back, just go out the back door."

You are too confused at the moment to think any more clearly than you are, and when you reach the back door, usually as an emergency door, you grab the handle and turn it. The door opens easily, but not to the street behind the bus. Instead, you see that the bus appears to be parked inside a large warehouse.

You turn slowly and take a few steps back toward the front of the bus, and looking out the window you see the front of your school. You turn back again and look to the back of the bus. The open back door still seems to be inside a warehouse.

"Go on," the driver speaks smoothly and calmly, "Your teacher is waiting for you."

Somewhat unsure of what is going on, feeling a little bit nervous, you walk to the back of the bus again and step out in the warehouse.

To the right, where you hadn't yet looked until now, a man stands waiting to greet you. He is a little over 5 1/2' tall, Hispanic, and wearing grey robes and holding a staff.

"Well, hello there! I am Warden Ramirez, and this is TAG, the Talented and Gifted Program." he says. "You have been identified as a young person with, shall we say, some special abilities, talents…gifts, if you will. We are going to teach you how to use them, and use them right!"


This is a Dresden Files Accelerated Game featuring player characters that are all students in the Phoenix, AZ area, and are Magical Practitioners to some degree, or otherwise have supernatural abilities and need training. Dresden and Ramirez have formed a special program to identify and teach kids how to follow the laws of magic and survive their lives among the supernatural. They hope to prevent the rise of warlocks while the White Council takes the time it needs to increase its numbers.

The T.A.G. Program

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