The mantle you select when Creating your PC encompasses their character type, general role in the game, and place in the supernatural or mortal world. Each mantle comes with a package of stunts (page 114) and conditions (page 116) that help the character fulfill their role.

No restrictions exist on choosing mantles. Everyone may choose the same mantle if the scenario to be explored focuses on a single type of character (e.g., all police officers or White Court vampires) or each character can have a different mantle so the group has a wide variety of concerns and agendas. 

Some mantles allow you to take a Pure Mortal mantle in addition to another, such as the Changeling (page 143), Red Court Infected (page 151), Werecreature (page 154), and White Court Virgin (page 156). You may only have more than one mantle if the mantle’s description allows it, and only under the circumstances it describes.

Mantles you can choose from:

Pure Mortals


[[Scions and Emissaries]]

True Fae



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