Mantle descriptions

A Mantle is an organized set of related stunts and conditions reflecting how its possessor leverages their power in the world. At character creation, each player gains access to their selected mantle’s conditions and core stunts. Additional stunts are acquired by spending refresh granted at character creation (page 96) or through advancement (page 196).

Categories of mantles include: pure mortals with no supernatural gifts; scions and emissaries, who are humans that have taken on supernatural power; true Fae from the Nevernever; and vampires, who subvert mortality with a demonic, hungry force. While not the only ones in existence, these mantles represent the vast majority of beings you are likely to encounter.


Clued-In Mortal
You are a human being devoid of magical prowess, but you have learned that the supernatural exists—perhaps via unexplainable encounters, a lifelong academic interest in the occult, or even
acquaintance with a denizen of the Nevernever. You constantly face the tension of balancing betwixt a common life in the mortal world and involvement in the supernatural. While perhaps lacking direct influence in supernatural affairs, you can leverage this rare sagacity to your advantage.

Knowledge (sticky): [][][][][] This condition has five boxes to represent the breadth of occult information to which you have access. Mark a box of Knowledge when you leverage the information you have gathered on the workings of the supernatural world, as indicated in the stunts. Recover through research in your free time, restoring one box between sessions.

In Too Deep (lasting): [] Your connections with the paranormal have put your livelihood or a loved one at risk. Mark this condition to immediately recover all boxes of Knowledge. While this condition is marked, you have an additional aspect that represents a creature or faction that, due to your knowledge, is directly threatening something dear to you. Furthermore, you lack the
wherewithal to research—which means Knowledge will not recover—until you have recovered from this condition. Begin that recovery by confronting or evading the threat in a manner determined by the GM; be prepared to spend at least a session dealing with the problem.

Chasing Rumors: Mark boxes of Knowledge to aid rolls to overcome or create an advantage when your research into supernatural threats is relevant, +2 for each box marked.

Preparations: Once per scene, when confronting a threat that you have had an opportunity to investigate, you can mark Knowledge to reveal that you have a useful item on hand. One box is sufficient for common items (e.g., chalk, iron nails), three boxes for objects obtainable with
a mild effort (e.g., holy water, a wooden stake), and all five boxes for especially esoteric items such as inherited silver or a saint’s relics. At the GM’s discretion, you may mark In Too Deep instead, to help another character pay one cost of a ritual spell (page 168).

Mantle descriptions

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