Setting up TAG

Materials needed to play the game:

  • Fate Dice
  • Character Sheets
  • Pencils (not pens, since you will need to erase)
  • Index Cards
  • 30-40 tokens to use as Fate Points


First, we will get together and as a group form the foundation of the game. I have written a teaser to spark the imagination, so now we must see what comes from the sparks. Part of that will be to talk about what "kinds of things" you would find fun and exciting for this group of Students to face in their challenges and adventures.

I don't expect new, young students to already know about the world, but quite the opposite. This game is going to largely be you learning about it right along with your PCs. I think that should be a lot of fun!

But let's establish the kinds of things that you feel make playing an RPG like this fun. Do you like role-playing your characters and playing out scenes that you as players define as fun and interesting? Do you like lots of action and combat? Do you like trying to solve mysteries? Or do you want to be Monster Hunters?

Are there things you for sure DO NOT want to see int his game? Do you hate conflicting goals in the group, and prefer everyone be clearly on the same side? Do you want to avoid PC vs. PC conflict and keep the game focused on conflict from outside that group that you can all work on together? Are there any kinds of monsters or subject matter that we should keep clear of?

Let me suggest from the top that this game be kept rated PG-13 or less and avoid swearing and mature subjects that might take the game into the "R" zone for sure. Descriptions of super gory action

Let's talk about challenges that the school and group of students must face. I imagine several scenarios where the students will be learning the laws of magic, how to deal with the Fae, and how to suss out monsters and protect the innocent. And in those efforts you may encounter things that will keep your PCs awake at night (hopefully not you), the nightmare scenarios that threaten to destroy your school, your city, maybe even the world.  

What factions do you want to see come into play in this game? Who are the main allies or enemies you might encounter?

As far as place and time, I think players should play characters that are their own age, and fankly, I am ok with your PC being a version of YOU in this game world. I think that might be very interesting. Also, the game will be played here in the Phoenix area, and you will probably go to many places here that you can find on Google Maps. :) I think that might make for some fun real-world out of game visits as well, where we go visit places that you have already "been to" in the game.

What organization (or kinds of organizations) would you like to encounter and learn about during the game? These are called "Factions" in the game. There are several factions to consider.

  • The TAG Program, School for the Gifted.
  • The Phoenix Police Department (or whatever city or county law enforcement might get involved).
  • The Fae Courts, Winter and Summer, and the WyldFae.
  • The Vampire Courts, Red, Black, and White (and maybe Jade).
  • The White Council (skilled magical practitioners), but there is also a Grey Council, and maybe even a Black Council.
  • The Church (Such as the Knights of the Cross, Michael, Sanya, and Waldo Butters)
  • Monoc Securities
  • The Fomor
  • The Order of the Blackened Denarius
  • The Paranet
  • The Svartalves
  • Deities and Demigods
  • Venatori Umbrum
  • And so on…

Places your group might go?

  • The Mortal Realm (Phoenix/Mesa/Gilbert, etc., of course, but where else might you go?)
  • The Nevernever (Faeirie, The Fortunate Islands, Demesnes)
  • Outside

Then we will get on to Creating your PC.




Setting up TAG

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